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How can you inspire designers and interior architects worldwide? At Muurbloem we see inspiration as a relay race; the Muurbloem design team is inspired and is eager to inspire others. We would like to share with you three tips with regards to the succes of nine years of Floorfashion By Muurbloem carpet collection withege carpets.

three tips for international inspiration

Make it fit!
Customization is essential for the inspiration process..
Allow designers and architects room for play with the implementation in their projects.
Floorfashion by Muurbloem features an innovative layered design. By adding or subtracting layers you can create a unique pattern for your project. By way of recolorisation the design can be changed to the colors that fit your vision!
A perfect color balance with the furniture of this meeting space was obtained by recoloring and shifting the layers of the Floorfashion Kurta-pattern.

BaseCamp, Utrecht (The Netherlands) 
Interior Design: Shari Lee Gumbs
Photography: Dick Holthuis


Be available!
A global distribution partner will provide worldwide inspiration.
Collaboration between the right companies will ensure that your inspiration will become real!
ege carpets is a global partner in the production of carpets. With local agents in over 60 countries, this worldwide actor gets a personal face and its products become available to everyone!
All the way in Asia we find this amazing cinema room in South Korea, the Floorfashion Huipil-pattern takes center stage in a dynamic color-coded design.

Megabox Cinema, Goyang (South Korea)
Interior Design: unknown


Be inspired!
A groudbreaking product does not make itself..
Inspiration is like breathing in and out, by being open to your surroundings, a new vision will be born.
Floorfashion by Muurbloem is inspired by patterns and visuals from different cultures blending together on a large scale medium – carpet. This creates a recognisable and easy to apply product for our global end users.
This showroom concept for Asian and the Pacific markets features the Floorfashion Kurta-pattern, which is inspired by patterns from Central and South East Asia. In this contemporary color palette, this design is a subtle nod to the cultural heritage of the audience.
Haworth Asia Pacific (China)
Interior Design: Cloud-9

"At Muurbloem we see inspiration as a relay race; the Muurbloem design team is inspired and is eager to inspire others."

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ege carpets (Denmark) is among Europe’s leading companies in the design, development and manufacture of high-quality carpets with focus on sustainability.