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Individual education in an optimal environment


In order to better prepare HAVO students for higher education, the Metameer school community, Stevensbeek location, wanted to implement a new study area in which independent work is encouraged. Under the appropriate title 'Atelier 127' Muurbloem design studio has delivered a workspace where students can work independently on their personal development in a creative way.


Various studies show that a student's educational ability improves by 16% when he/she chooses the right environment that suits the type of study activity. So when a student has the freedom to move per subject to a place that best suits it, that gives a huge improvement for information processing.




8 principles for an ideal education space


Muurbloem design studio, together with ANDarchitecture, has written a program with principles for a high-quality functioning study space. Research has shown that there are eight components on which an interior must score in order to provide space for an optimal educational environment.


Contemplation x divergence

1. hygiene
2. motivation
3. health
4. confidence


Convergence x co-operation

5. inspiration
6. ideation
7. playfulness
8. challenge


Creative director Gonnette Smits explains: "To ensure that the students of Metameer Stevensbeek can learn better - through the right stimulation, inspiration, peace and freedom - we have provided our design with different workplaces that facilitate different ways of working."




The round tables allow collaborations to develop in a natural way, the benches and high-low tables can be used individually as well as in collaboration, and the tables with partitions are places where concentrated work can be done on an individual level. Because an alternation of concentration and relaxation promotes the learning capacity, there are also two sitting areas with armchairs and a bench. Here students can take a break from work every now and then, because after all, relaxation is just as important as effort.

"We designed the 'study blocks' on the right wall. Here students can work individually at different heights. Because the study blocks are different from the average workplace, this is an interesting place for students to gain inspiration or to relax. A higher workplace also stimulates a more abstract thinking ability," says Smits.




The open ceiling with the many ventilation shafts gives the room naturally good acoustics and air quality. In addition, the presence of plants has an extra positive effect on health, creating a green environment in which social connections are created between individuals who study and recreate together.

Would you like to know more about our strategies for the optimal educational environment or would you like to engage us? Call Gonnette Smits (0624221995) for more information.


Written by Gonnette Smits, creative director