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Muurbloem design studio ambition to be operational with a small team of professionals. In practice, this is at the best with a small permanent team of about four to six people which is supplemented by flexibly professional skilled employees on a project base. The team is under leadingship of Gonnette Smits, designer and creative director and Bart van de Kerkhof, general manager.

This way Muurbloem can remain flexible and work at the highest level.


About Muurbloem

Muurbloem is a designstudio that specializes in the realization of interior and exterior projects and product design.

In the year 2000 Muurbloem was founded by Gonnette Smits (creative director & designer) and Bart van de Kerkhof (General Manager). The name Muurbloem means wallflower. Originally Muurbloem drafts designs for walls with historical hand-printing techniques. Because of their wide interests and their research for new forms in historical styles, ancient and contempory craft techniques, they innovative methods to visualize their ideas. Throughout the years they developed into a company with a wide range of products and projects. In consultation with the client, they strive for a design with identity and wonder. The strength of Muurbloem consists of flexibility and innovation.


Vision and mision

Muurbloem is inspired by historical styles and ancient craft techniques. The base of its projects and products are regeneration and eco -environment . This means that Muurbloem offers solutions to improve collaboration within an organization and that they are always conscious dealing with commodities. In this way the interiors and exteriors which are designed by Muurbloem will do well to man and environment.


Muurbloem’s philosophy is to inspire and be inspired: give and receive in a creative way. During the conceptualization we always care for the vision of the customer. At an early stage we philosophize about how the company’s identity together with ,inter alia, the marketing department can be best translated into interior designs. At this stage revitalization is essential and solutions are offered to improve collaboration within an organization.


Product labels by Muurbloem designstudio

Muurbloem designs products which they produce for their own labels :

  • Muurbloem Wallfashion
  • Muurbloem Lightning
  • Muurbloem Sandcarpets
  • Muurbbloem Objects ( gifts and furniture )


International producers including Stokke (NOR) , Ege carpets (DK), Brepols (BE), KPN (NL), Present Time (NL), asked Muurbloem to create a collection for them.


Project of Muurbloem design-studio fit like a tailored suit.

Muurbloem works closely with their clients. The client is a muse to give substance to their projects. During the design process the client is (as wished) involved and his/her feedback is taken very seriously. The dialogue can be about the content of the project, practical issues, budget and/or creative involvement. Through this partnership, they strive to realize projects that fit like a tailored suit.


Muurbloem works mainly for the business market . This can range from healthcare to hospitality and for office to retail . Clients include: interior- and architects, corporations, government institutions and individuals.