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Client: Stichting Pallieter.

Location: Pallieterburght, Capelle aan de IIssel, the Netherlands.

Job description: special wall designs.

Surface: approx. 800m2.

Year: 2008.


In coöperation with: Edmee Driebeek, Interior Design.


Designed for this client:

Walls: unique wall desings, crafted on location.


Pallieter Burght is an institution that provides intensive child care to seriously ill children from 0-16 years. In collaboration with interior designer Edmée Driebeek Muurbloem has made a design for the walls of the corridors and the six rooms. Driebeek is responsible for the design and strives for a warm soft casual atmosphere with natural materials. It may not seem like a sterile hospital.


Proceedings / Activities

The new building where Palieter is housed in the association of a castle. Muurbloem developed a concept for the interior that matches the castle theme. In the hallways you walk ' along the castle ‘, you will see patterns in the form of plants that grow up along the walls. At the rooms you enter the " castle room " as in the great hall, harlequins-, king's, and tower room. The formal language is appealing for children aged 1 to 12 years. The colors are warm and friendly.



In close consultation with the client and architect Muurbloem has accomplished this task and the implementation is entirely in the hands of Muurbloem. The decorators painting directly on location, on the wall. They design and craft handmade stamps and templates that serve as a tool to paint the designs. Muurbloem sees the traditional value of handcraft as an essential part of the quality. It gives a unique and special experience to see the designs realized on location.