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Nursing home 'Dubbelmonde'
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Nursing home 'Dubbelmonde'

Crabbehoff Dubbelmonde 


Client: Caregroup Crabbehoff.

Location: Dordrecht, Dubbelmonde, the Netherlands.

Job description: Various designs of meeting rooms.

Surface: approx. 500m2.

Year: 2014.


In coöperation with: 'Van Schaik Interieur Architectuur' and architect Paulus Nooijen.


Designed for this client:

Wall: speciaal ontworpen muurschilderingen. special designs wallpainting. 

Panels: tilting panels on stage, hot veneer, Forbo bulletin board.

Lighting: LED headlights provided with film in various colors.


DoubelMonde is a care home on the outskirts of Dordrecht. It has much affinity with the adjacent ‘Biesbos’ national park and it is also why the meeting theme is the relationship with water and trees. Muurbloem is asked to give content to this theme.


Proceedings / Activities

The architects Van Schaik and Nooijen ask Muurbloem proposals, necessary to portray the Biesbos theme. The proposals were presented to the residents and evaluated in consultation the final design is selected. For the 15 -meter-long LED light theme is water, abstract portrayed through colour planes. In the arrival hall is a colorful composition with hand-painted mural. This meeting is used on Sundays for services. The panels are tilting on stage; sides are provided with wood veneer and at the other side of bulletin board with special design and flock print, this side can also be used as a bulletin board.



For this project, weekly construction meetings where attended to discuss progress and mutual agreements to run smoothly.


Muurbloem works with various suppliers and trade expert to realize projects. The projects Wallflower works are very diverse. That inspires her and awakens her broad interest. Muurbloem works from a small design team, which provides personal contact and put each project the right partners and box- expert. This flexible approach and the combined knowledge and experience, the highest quality is guaranteed.