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House family S.

location: Utrecht, Nederland

year: 2015


Job description

Interior advice:

  • New layout 
  • Customization 
  • Light plan
  • Color plan 
  • Window blackout


This family has been living in the historic city center on two floors of this monumental building for several years. After the purchase of this house, they have thoroughly renovated the ground floor with a living room, kitchen and garden. The sleeping quarters are located in the wharf cellar as well as in a large communal living space, which is connected to the quayside of the canal through French doors. It's this space where they could use extra advice from us.


How we work

This spacious wharf cellar is suitable for various spaces and activities, including a play and game room for the son with friends, a work space, a dining room for large groups at Christmas and a guest room for grandparents. The question is to create a unity with all these functions. 
Because the ceiling falls like a dome, it is necessary to have some furniture made to measure. This is how a low cupboard and a long upholstered sofa are made. This gives peace of mind in the room. As a guest function, a comfortable sofa-bed is chosen. Extra roller blinds are made to make the room dark when necessary.