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New kitchen floor design family I.

Pattern design 'Huipil by Muurbloem design studio' now on vinyl


location: Munich, Germany

year: 2021

surface: 20 m²


In a house in Munich (Germany) we were asked to realize special floor coverings in the kitchen. Where the 'Huipil' design was originally designed for soft floor coverings, it was realized by Forbo on vinyl for this project. This makes the design a practical application for the kitchen. How nice would it be if this design continued on soft carpeting into the living room! 

How we work

This customer has a specific wish: she wants a pattern design of our floor covering collection 'Floorfashion by Muurbloem', performed on a smooth floor. After we had properly coordinated the design and dimensions, samples were made and sent. Forbo Flooring has a good project quality, Eternal, on which we were able to carry out the design. The family was so happy with the result 'that the daughter slept on it for a night!' What a great compliment! 
The graphic design with 'funky' colors of the floor provides a nice contrast with the stylish and calm kitchen of Bulthaub.



supplier: Forbo Flooring B.V.

material: vinyl - Eternal

thickness: 2.0 mm

roll width: 2.0 m

roll length: ± 25 m

weight: ca. 2.8 kg/m²

slip resistance: R10

suitable for floor heating: < 27 degrees Celsius








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