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Hof van Tuindorp

Location: Utrecht, Nederland

Year: 2022

Product: MB.02 High Quality Eco wallcovering

Aantal: 755 m2


On the so-called Green End of Tuindorp-Oost, four residential towers were recently realised by Zenzo Maatschappelijk Vastgoed. Muurbloem design studio was asked to brighten up the walls of the corridors with wallcovering from the Flowers + leaves collection. This collection was chosen because of the plants photographed in the vicinity of Utrecht, where the towers are situated. Each floor has a different plant motif so that the floors can be distinguished from each other. This gives residents a better sense of orientation in the building.





Muurbloem design studio has studied the history of floral patterns and translated them for contemproary use. They photographed the plants and flowers directly in nature and digitally edited them. Muurbloem design studio sees this digital editing as a modern craft. In some details you can see the imperfection just like in nature, which are allowed to be in order to add more soul and identity to this collection.


For centuries, plants and flowers have been a source of inspiration for designers. Architects, interior designers, carpenters and pattern designers are all passionate about the visual power of nature. Because each generation has its own lifestyle, designers create their own composition of plants and flowers that matches the times in which they live.


In history we see that plants are depicted with a symbolic meaning. In the religious context, vegetal forms refer to the garden of paradise. The current symbolic meaning has changed to the need of people to bring structure to the chaos that nature represents.


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