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Stroomt Interactions


Client: Stroomt Interactions.

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Job description: Interieur design.

Surface: approx. 120 m2.

Year: 2015.


Designed for this client:

Dessin: speciaal dessin.

Carpets: speciaal design, produced by egecarpets.

Furniture: plywood, CNC carved and painted.

Wall: fleece non woven, speciaal design.


Muurbloem designed and realized the establishment of the new Stroomt Interactions office in Utrecht. The particular location is a former coaching inn in the old city centre. In close communication with Stroomt Interactions Muurbloem designed an innovative, sustainable and contemporary nature of the business that reflect what their company is about. Like one of the co-owners Iwan Cuijpers said ; “With this new look we can proudly receive our costumers”.


Proceedings / Activities

The identity of Stroomt Interactions has been made the center of all designs and therefor the special designs are a repetitive pattern throughout the entire interior. This pattern can be seen in various rooms as reflected by the specially designed carpet, wallcovering and wall cabinet. Because of this cabinet, the 2d wall design gets a 3d function. In addition, Muurbloem composed the furniture, light plan and colour scheme of the interior.  The basic colors are grey and greying greens complemented by bright green and orange. All parts where brought together with care, achieving a surprisingly coherent overall image.



Muurbloem project team has designed the interior concept in full consultation with the client. Together the employees created a moodboard that served as inspiration for Muurbloem. The realization of this project, the various craftsmen and supplies, ordering the products to streamline the entire process was all supervised by Muurbloem. An important part is the time and effort Muurbloem puts in the project to achieve optimal quality.