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Stichting NOVO Groningen


Client: Stichting NOVO.

Projectmanager Foundation NOVO: Dirk Albertsma (architect Stichting NOVO).

Location: Groningen, the Netherlands.

Job description: interior design, special carpet.

Surface: approx. 1600 m2.

Workspaces: 160 people.

Year: 2010.


Designed for this client:

Carpet: Special designed carpet, produced by 'ege carpets'.

Wall: Acoustic walls in various colors from felt, cnc cut.

Flora: All office areas are provided flora.

Dessin: Special designs, designed to reflect the identity of the NOVO foundation as seen in project.

Coöparating: Rene Mensink, interior architect.



Foundation Novo facilitates disabled with day care and housing.


The company moved the office to a new office and asked Muurbloem to give identity to the interior decor. In addition to Muurbloem, interior designer René Mensink helped with the furniture. A unique design rug designed complementing the architecture of the building and the identity of Novo Foundation together with a unique acoustic wall design.


Proceedings / Activities

As starting point Muurbloem designed a 1100m2 design carpet with the architecture as base. The ceiling is sandblasted making the concrete visible. The ceiling is raised on the window side of the building, this industrial no- nonsense character suits Foundation Novo. This design is reflected in the carpet. The floor plan is grey and on the window side is a colorful area . Each m2 is unique. From an existing log, ‘Novo’ is a complete repetitive pattern, a networking designed which is made suitable for the floor and walls.



The team of Muurbloem, in close consultation with Dirk Albertsma, the project manager and architect of Novo, presented the design proposals. After approval, Muurbloem did the realization and project managing, taking supervision on the total plan. This project will save cost through reuse of materials in the demolition and rebuilding of the lighting.


Muurbloem works with various suppliers and trade expert to realize projects. The projects are very diverse inspiring more interests. Muurbloem works from a small design team, which provides personal contact and put the right partners and experts on each project. This flexible approach and the combined knowledge and experience, guaranteeing the highest quality.