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Oorsprongpark Office

Oorsprongpark Office


Client: Oorsprankelend C.V.

Location: Oorsprongpark, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Job description: Interior design, entrance and hallway office building.

Surface: approx. 150 m2.

Year: 2013.



Designed for this client:

Carpet: Floorfashion by Muurbloem; design Bunad (ege carpets).


Walls: Muurbloem Wallfashion; Flowers + Leaves, fleece non woven.


Lighting: Chandelier of Beads, speciaal design.


Muurbloem was asked to design and realize the office building, Oorsprongpark, Utrecht, entrance and hallway. This old building has typical late 19th century ornaments in interior and exterior. Muurbloem was given the task of making a surprising interior that matches the classic architecture as well as the fitting the contemporary diversity of tenants.


Proceeding / Activities

Muurbloem designed the floor plan, colour scheme, lighting and wall designs. As starting point Muurbloem used their existing collection of Floorfashion, Wallfashion and Chandelier of Beads. By applying this custom-made design it created a beautiful and consistent interior.


Muurbloem used the “Floorfashion collection by Muurbloem ‘Ege” Bunad design for a custom-made floor plan. Covering the hallway to the upper floors the layers are specifically colored with the colors especially chosen for this project in particular.


The Muurbloem “Wallfashion ‘Flower + Leaves” design Clover Park and Patio Herb-Robert &Rose_BL are used for wallcovering. These are placed in the stucco frames in which as a division of the surface steps are present in the entrance hall. As a result, the historical composition with the ornamental surfaces is accentuated subtle.


The Chandelier of Beads is from a existing collection of Muurbloem. This custom-made design is made specifically for this space. It is a design of glass balls, which are illuminated by LED ball. This makes the lamp durable and great to hang out as mood lighting in the room.




The realization of this project, the various craftsmen and supplies, ordering the products to streamline the entire process was all supervised by Muurbloem. An important part is the time and effort Muurbloem puts in the project to achieve optimal quality.