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Client: Mise en Place International BV.

Location:Chateau Jerusalem, Maastricht, the Netherlands.

Job description: Interior arrangement and storytelling in form of a tour through the office building.

Surface:1050 m2.

Year: 2014.

Architectural architect: Albert Gijselears.

Historian wallpaper: Rosan Scheres.


Designed for this client:

Carpet: various special designed carpets on ground floor.

Logo: logo of Chateau Jerusalem

Tour: written and visualized.

Walls:wallpaper with peppers of Spanish origine.

Coaching Inn: special design wallpaintings, old wallpaper reprinted combined with the Chateau history.

Walls Chateau: full-color print of blossoms on glass.

Roof light: full-color print of blossoms on glass.

Senses: mixed techniques , each room has its own theme.


For the new headquarters of hospitality project office MIse en Place (MEP), Muurbloem supported and realized the overall interior. As main task Muurbloem was asked to visualize the identity and mission of MEP in this historic chateau which is also a national monument.


The company is based in Jerusalem chateau , a 500 year old castle castle in Limburg which has had many residents. In 2014 the castle, after extensive renovations and redevelopments, came into use again.


Proceedings / Activities

With the redevelopment of the Château Jerusalem the décor was given the greatest of care. As befits a historical building where all rooms have their own stories. Muurbloem created by means of storytelling in each room a design and story. A lot of inspiration was taken from the historical wallpapers found throughout the building and are in a comprehensive report made by Rosan Scheres, Interior and Restoration.


The walk starts in the carriage house, leads you through the park to the chateau, takes you through all the rooms of the different floors and ends in the tower room where where you have a 360 view of the outside world.


During the walk you'll encounter visualized-elements that are the clues for the start of the story. The tour gives you an insight into three stories that cross and explain and support each other; 1. The mission and history of SWAT, 2. The history of the Chateau and 3. The history of the crusaders.The walk ends in the tower room where you can enjoy a drink (Holy Grail) and reevaluate the information using the timeline with description on the wall.  


One part of the walk is experiencing the sixth sense on the 1st floor of the chateau. On this floor are training given to (new) MEP employees. The vision of Charley van Gogh is that you must use all the senses to function well and you can develop fully. For that reason, each room has a theme where a sense is depicted; an adventure through smell, taste, spirituality, hearing, seeing and feeling.


Another way to experience the storytelling is to see the building as a tree; on the ground floor, the employees who are responsible for the administration. They are the roots of the organization. On the 1st floor are training given to new employees. Without them no stability, they are the building blocks of the organization. This represents the trunk of the tree. On the 2nd (top) floor works the creative staff as marketers connect with the international field. They represent the branches and leaves on the gray-blue surface of the walls of the spiral staircase that goes from the ground floor up to the tower room, standing with white lines drawn in the form of a tree.Employees can write personal proverbs or sayings on the lines of this tree.



Through means of interviews with different employees, Muurbloem got to know the company. After many presentations and conversations Muurbloem team together with director of MEP, Charley van Gogh, designed a total concept. The efforts of Charley van Gogh was greatly inspiring, a muse, that gave contents to this project.