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De Waal BV. Office

De Waal BV. Office


Client: De Waal BV.

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Job description: Interior advice and floor design headquarters.

Surface: approx. 2000 m2.

Year: 2013.


Designed for this client:

Carpet: Floorfashion by Muurbloem, ‘Sarape’ from ege carpets.

Wall: special design entrance, vinyl wallcovering.



The owners of real estate company 'De Waal' asked Muurbloem to give additional input by means of an eccentric carpet. A floor covering which contrasts with the office park where the building is located,  giving the staff and visitors a sense of hospitality. In addition, Muurbloem advised for lighting and a special wall design for the entrance.


Proceedings / Activities

Muurbloem gave the client the advice for a design of the carpet, the collection Floor Fashion ege carpets. Customers can customize a design by adding more or less designs and color. Muurbloem has printed many samples in order to make an informed choice. They decided to play a game through the design from one room to another to walk through while the colors change. 


In the entrance Muurbloem has a wall design that is designed specifically for this wall. The exterior of this striking building has pink concrete vintage items. Muurbloem makes a line game of this grid in the same pink color by means of a computer operation in motion as if it is a fishing net . The shape starts static at the entrance and becomes more wavy organic inside, this to suggests a transition from architecture to humans.



Muurbloem works with various suppliers and trade expert to realize projects. The projects are very diverse inspiring more interests. Muurbloem works from a small design team, which provides personal contact and put the right partners and experts on each project. This flexible approach and the combined knowledge and experience, guaranteeing the highest quality.