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Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade
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Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade

Crowne Plaza Den Haag - Promenade




Job description:




Designed for this client:




Crowne Plaza Den Haag – Promenade Hotel

Den Haag, Nederland

Atrium chandelier, design flooring and conferance room,





Floorfashion special design in atrium and conferance room.

Wallfasion Senses in conferance room, special handpressed walls designs.

Plateshow, 1008 handblown disks, 15 meter long, LED lighting.




What & Proceedings / Activities

Muurbloem is asked to create a special designed space of the atrium. For this Muurbloem designs a monumental modern chandelier with 1008 hand-blown glass plates in various colors and sizes. This 22 meter high atrium filled with 15m long chandelier, which is fantastic in this high space. On the floor is a design Ege Floor Fashion by Muurbloem. The dot pattern in the garment continues through to the wall. This is applied by hand on site. In the conference room wall flower designs walk the floor and lighting.


For the floor 'Floorfashion by Muurbloem” design combined with a PVC flooring. One of the walls will get the wallpaper 'Clover' by Muurbloem, the other walls have murals that they realize on location. Here, too, the floor of the dot pattern is taken over to the wall. This creates a unity and teamwork.



On location the proceedings are talked through. In a second interview Muurbloem presents its ideas in a preliminary design, through subscribed floor plans and 3D Visuals. After this has been discussed, the design is modified in detail and presented in a final draft. After approval, the design is realized and Muurbloem supervises the execution.