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Inntel Hotel Art Eindhoven**** 

Client: Art Hotel Eindhoven  

(former director Roel Rol). 

Location: Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

Job description: interior design 140 hotel rooms, design lobby, restaurant and confranceroom.

Surface: approx. 6000m2.

Year: 2009.


Designed for this client:

Carpet: special and unique carpets in hotel rooms.

Walls: 3 designs of lobby structure and glass objects.

Curtains: special design fullcolour print on voile in restaurant.

Lighting: various glass objects with LED lighting.

















During 8 months Muurbloem worked on various elements of the Art Hotel Eindhoven. Gonnette Smits formed a team with three designers responsible for 140 unique guest rooms in which colors and patterns on floors, walls and ceiling run into each other like a collage. The result is a surprisingly warm environment where every room is different.


Proceedings / Activities

Muurbloem gets the personal commission to design a three-dimensional wall textures including glass and light for the imposing wall located behind the reception and restaurant. This wall is made up of large blocks with different finishing materials, such as glass mosaic and exclusive wallpapering. The glass objects are made especially for this location. The lighting features LED lights that anticipates the amount of sunlight that enters.


For the conference rooms Wallflower realizes miscellaneous own wallpapering Senses Wallfashion collection on the panels of the sliding walls.


In constant consultation with the client Roel Role Muurbloem realize various design projects. In the weekly construction meetings progress is discussed. The front wall is decorated by the decoration team itself on location.


Muurbloem has an archive of more than 150 different designs in the form of stamps, molds and templates. These are historic original design to be applied with authentic manner. Muurbloem design her own dessins which are applied with contemporary techniques and methods. With this large and valuable collection Muurbloem is flexible with choosing murals. Muurbloem loves painting on location. The feeling that people have been at work on location gives a lively energy. This you do not get when a wall design is digitally printed. The play of colors with wall paint with different gloss levels, metallic, high gloss to matt, is endless.The work on location gives wallflower the possibility to adapt the design to make it even better connectivity in the architecture.