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New wallpaper collection BOBIJN



UTRECHT, THE NETHERLANDS – Muurbloem design studio launches a new wallpaper collection BOBIJN inspired by the craft of hand weaving. The collection consists of 20 eye-catching designs that, through their interplay of color, texture and composition, provide a unique softening and deepening of the walls as a boundary of the interior.

Creating a wallpaper collection is an intensive and lengthy process. Many working weeks precede it in which we create, consider, compare, update and replace the wallpaper designs. This collection contains twenty unique designs that all have the same ingredients, but which still differ from each other, so that they can be used in different interiors. The topic of BOBIJN are hand-woven fabrics that we have combined in various ways to create exciting designs. 
“The hand-woven rugs were made by my aunt Tini Peels,” explains creative director Gonnette Smits. “She was a hand weaver and sold her works in her gallery BOBIJN. With the Muurbloem design team, we have had the desire to capture the true nature — call it the soul — of these handwoven fabrics in the wallpaper designs of this collection. In my large family, the need for creation is woven into our DNA. As a tribute to my aunt and family, we named all twenty designs after my sisters and cousins. In this way, the collection is further permeated by the spirit of Aunt Tini and her craft. ” 
The result is a wallpaper collection with a warm, soft and natural look that will increase the comfort of our space. Wherever we are - at home or at work - we all need security and concentration. BOBIJN evokes an earthy, elementary atmosphere that ensures repose and balance in the interior.



Written by Gonnette Smits, Creative Director