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Gevel van Hotel Alexander aan de Vondelstraat


Muurbloem design studio exists 20 years!



At the beginning of a new year it is always good to look back and reflect. The days are shorter, nature remains in hibernation, and we look dreamily out of the window. The retrospective element of these times is all the bigger due to our porcelain anniversary. Indeed, it has been 20 years since we first drove round the Utrecht countryside, visiting local architects in a small van filled with designs. Muurbloem started out as a studio creating surface designs, but thanks to our eagerness to learn and our experience over time we have been able to develop ourselves as interior and product designers.

Over the past 20 years we, as a team, have been able to make a name for ourselves, nationally but also internationally. We have presented multiple times at the Salone del Mobile (with a Dutch Design Award for our Sandcarpets as a highlight) and we also created sustainable partnerships across borders with producers such as EGE Carpets and Stokke AS. We executed bigger and smaller projects. Our way of working is both micro & macro—attention and appreciation for the small thing, but also capable of bigger achievements thanks to our partners

Thanks to our ambition and hunger for innovation, we reinvented our trade with every project, and thankfully we have also found the patrons each time who helped us to do so. We want to thank them for giving us their trust, allowing us to go off the beaten track on our mission to create a greater human wellbeing through spatial interventions.

Looking towards the future we feel that the curiosity and entrepreneurship that have driven us throughout the years are still present in our DNA. Therefore we are still more than excited to continue innovating and to create more inspiring projects.

We are looking forward to adding 20 more years of Muurbloem design studio experience!


Gonnette Smits, Creative Director
Bart van de Kerkhof, General Manager



Written by Robert Westerveld, Project Manager/Designer