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Storytelling; an exhibition of Tante Tini's handwoven works


With the Muurbloem design team we are now working on a new wallpaper collection inspired by the beautiful hand-woven rugs from Aunt Tini. Since the beginning of last year, my aunt Tini Peels has enjoyed living in a care home in Valkenswaard, where she enjoys all the good care and attention. At the end of last year, we were allowed to organize an exhibition of her work in the care center, which served as our tribute to the artistry of Aunt Tini.


In the 1970s and 1980s, people travelled from far and wide to the hand weaving workshop and gallery BOBIJN at 13 Leenderweg in Valkenswaard. Here Tini Peels worked behind large looms on unique tablecloths, rugs, pillows, scarves and tailor-made wedding dresses.


With her love for the craft, she selected wool from local farmers and dyed it in her own color palette. In addition to her craftsmanship, she has a delicate sense of color inspired by nature. Thanks to this, BOBIJN was a gallery where artists came together to show their watercolors and ceramic work.


My Aunt Tini devoted her entire life to the craft and visual arts. She is a source of inspiration for many, and certainly for me. We therefore love to make a new collection of wallpaper from her handwoven fabrics that we will present next week.



Written by Gonnette Smits, Creative Director