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Floorfashion by Muurbloem in Milano
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Floorfashion by Muurbloem in Milano

Floorfashion by Muurbloem in Milano


Launch of new collenctie in Milan during Salone del Mobile 2011


Ege carperts dealer


Via Manin 13

I-20121 Milano, Italy


Muurbloem Design Studio

Muurbloem is a multidisciplinair design studio.

Muurbloem designs products for various own- and (inter)national labels. In addition they design interiors for the busniess market.


How people choose to decorate them selves and their environments has always intrigued us. We are fascinated by ancient cultures and traditions. This broadens our knowledge and provides a solid platform for the creation of Floor Fashion by Muurbloem.


The concept

Doing business abroad can be an exhilarating and inspiring experience opening gate-ways to layers of new cultures. Since ancient time, people of different cultures have hand-crafted patterns for their clothing. These patterns were used as one of the first ways for communicating interests and developments.


On journeys, impulses of fashion influence us and we put on new layers when shifting and adapting to new cultural settings. The creation of Floorfashion by Muurbloem began with mapping the world, searching for special details and cultural diversities between continents and countries. We found that each culture is composed of complex and unique layers. In fashion, the use of layers is a widely known phenomenon. We wish to intro-duce this phenomenon to the Muurbloem carpet collection. As fashion dresses a person, Floorfashion by Muurbloem dresses architecture.


Desgin in layers

Each carpet design in the collection is composed of four different layers. 

The large span of patterns decorates the interior and adds a beautiful and striking expression to the interior. Select the layers you desire and recolour and recolour to creat unique styles and atmospheres. Behind each layer is hidden new meanings and new expressions that when combined transform into impressive floorfashion.


Have a nice journey!

Muurbloem Design Studio.


Ground breaking layer concept

Floorfashion by Muurbloem is a multifunctional collection of 12 designs inspired by local, folkloristic clothing form all over the world. Each desgin is composed of a set of four layers which can be individually arranged and recoloured. The four layers differ form one another in regards to motif, colour and proporations. Working with the layers is easy. Simply select as many of the layers of a design as you please. By mixing, adding and recolouring layers, Floorfashion by Muurbloem allows you to create truly fashionable floorcarpets. As a quick and easy alternative to your own personal layer mix, this catalogue presents a 18 predefined layers combinations for your inspiration.


The collection is developed in ege's standard colour pallettes maing recolouration possible for all designs. Beside that, the customers can choose out of 9 different qualities. The Muurbloem design team happily helps theire customers with theire choice and advices how to play around with the collection.


On the site of ege carpets the customers can play around with the different layers of Floorfashion. Also, here the colours can be changed to a other colorkey.


Play with Floorfashioin:

click hier - Floorfashion - ege carpets 




Possibility to change colourkeys.

12 unique large scale designs in contemprary colour shades.

Unique and flexible layer concept.

No minimum order requuirements.

9 standard qualities.

Undisputed preformance standard EN 1307.

24 hours sample service.

Dispatch within 3 weeks form receipt of order