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Client: Dynon B.V.

Location: Kees Boekelaan 3, 3723 BA Bilthoven, The Netherlands.

Task description: 1,5 meter-arrangement for gym equipment.

Floor area: 1040 m2.


Order date: may 2020.

Start implementation: may 2020.

Completion: june 2020.


Photography: Muurbloem design studio




Sporting safely at Sportcentrum Kees

On the edge of the prestigious Northern side of Bilthoven, we find Sportcentrum Kees—more than 4000 square meters of sports facilities; indoor tennis, fitness, squash en group lessons. At this sports establishment, too, the additional COVID-19 measures of 15 March were a major spanner in the works of this Bilthoven-based company. The moderation of June 24 meant that indoor sports were also possible again from July 1, it being with 1.5 meters distance between individuals. For many sports centers, this 1.5-meter arrangement was a challenge, but fortunately Sportcentrum Kees comprises two large halls with indoor tennis and badminton courts.


In the month leading up to this reopening, Muurbloem design studio was hired to design a new arrangement for the fitness equipment, including a new routing through the building and additional decoration of the tennis hall. The weight of the fitness equipment proved to be an additional challenge as these were too heavy for the delicate sports floor and therefore had to be placed on wooden platforms to distribute the weight. Furthermore, the approval of the building's electrical installation was rejected — this problem was remedied by Muurbloem and new cables were laid to provide the devices with power and data. Finally, an investment in the lighting plan was made; three of the four fluorescent lanes were switched off and a new lighting plan has been implemented based on a 3-phase rail system with spotlights. This changed the former tennis hall into a spectacular fitness arena where more than 40 athletes can safely practice their sports routines!


Specially designed for this project:

Floor: fitness-platforms

Soft furnishing: wave pleat voile with custom-designed pattern print

Lighting: new lighting plan including fixtures