Muurbloem Logo
Muurbloem Logo

Client: Orthopedische Fysiotherapie Beukenrode

Location: Beukenrodelaan 2E, 3941 ZP Doorn (NL). 

Job description: corporate identity, logo, business cards, lighting plan, coloring plan


Floor area: ca. 140 m2


Opening date: August 2021


Photography: Rindert van den Toren


Praktijkruimte Orthopedische Fysiotherapie Beukenrode met kleurplan van Muurbloem

A fresh start with a unique corporate identity and matching interior


For two therapists wishing to start their own practice, we developed a unique corporate identity that could be easily be translated into a suitable interior. Orthopedische Fysiotherapie Beukenrode (OFB) is a co-working collective for physiotherapists on the Landgoed Beukenrode, located on the edge of the Utrechtse Heuvelrug national park, near Doorn.


At the request of this therapist duo, we made an analysis of their business plan and work ethic, and translated these values into the following components:
- Logo design
- Business cards
- Signage
- Color plan for new location

In addition, a lighting plan was drawn up for the new spaces and we supplied the fixtures and signage in the building.


special designs for this project:

Corporate identity: logo, business cards

Signage: window stickers facade, vinyl stickers on the interior doors


The Muurbloem design team was responsible for the design, production and assembly of the parts mentioned below, with the exception of the headboards (design only).

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