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Catherina Stichting 


Client: Catherina Stichting, the Netherlands.

Location: Rockanje, the Netherlands.

Job description: depriving visibility of glass wall.

Surface: approx. 150 m2.

Year: 2013.


Designed for this client:

Wall: private photography, full-color print on etch glass.


The Catharina Foundation is building a special home for a modern way of living and care for seniors. The welcoming meeting room is separated by a 50 meter long glass wall with the closed section of the dementia care.


Proceedings / Activities

Muurbloem has chosen a warm day in late summer to create panoramic pictures of the nearby beach. This big picture is printed in full color on transparent vinyl film overlaid with white marine animals. This wall is from the top lit by LED light so that the wall is nicely visible in the evening. The recognizably of the sea with children playing and sunbathing gives the residents of this complex a reminder where they feel at home.



In close consultation with the Catharina Foundation Board a is solution sought and offered to separate the two departments. The process from initial discussions to realization is directed by Muurbloem and thereby the quality is ensured.