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House family S.

location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

year: 2019


Job description

Interior advice:

  • Reclassification 
  • Customized adaptation kitchen 
  • Lighting plan 
  • Color plan
  • Custom-made curtains (design: Muurbloem)


How we work

Mr. S. has been living on two floors of a house from 1905 for several years. The building has already undergone various adjustments in order to meet the current standards of comfort. He asked our advice to ensure that the functions of two lounge areas with food and cooking on one floor take place properly. 
The large work and dining table will be moved to the middle, so that there is also room at the rear for an extra lounge area to enjoy the beautiful view over the garden. 
The kitchen is expanded by extending the countertop on the wall side and providing a second sink with matching tiles. A new color plan is made for the two floors.