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House family H.

location: Bilthoven, the Netherlands

year: 2019


Job description

Interior design:

  • New layout
  • Custom furniture
  • Lighting plan
  • Color plan
  • Upholstery
  • Bathroom furniture design


How we work

After living in Singapore for a number of years, this family moves to a detached 1930s house in a wooded area. The family with four young children is lively and changeable. The question to Muurbloem design studio was to give advice on improving the interior in terms of acoustics. In addition, the question was to create a layout with multiple functions, so that the space on the ground floor can be used optimally. 
To improve the acoustics, we have drawn in a partition, curtains, lampshades and carpets. To allow this large family to live together comfortably, we have created several seats. The color plan ensures that all spaces form a cohesion and unity.