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House family E.

location: Utrecht, the Netherlands

year: 2014


Job description

  • Lighting plan
  • Color plan
  • Wallpaper 'Blossem' (design: Muurbloem) as 'closet wall'


Consequence of an extension 
After the purchase of this house, there was a major renovation and a four-meter piece was added to the rear. As a result, the living area has been extended to the rear, often creating a soulless space in the middle. This is partly due to the fact that the light falls beautifully in the front and rear, so that the center space is literally in the shade. When the children are still small, there is plenty of playing and construction here with trains and Lego, but when the children become teenagers, it is used more as a transport space. 
By working with color and light, concentration and comfort are restored in the room, making all rooms pleasant to stay in.