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As a design studio, we have 20 years of experience in designing and executing private (renovation) projects and renovations, with a focus on the interior. We do everything from consultancy and total design to project management and construction supervision. In our design process, we strive for the most complete service possible, with tangible deliverables (documents) that enable the client to get started themselves or to outsource the conversion/renovation/furnishing. We can assist the client with project management and construction supervision.






From interior advice to complete design


A complete interior design from Muurbloem for your living space, executed in four phases.


Together we analyze your question and make a tailor-made selection that suits your needs.


1. Inventarisation

During an introduction, the following components are discussed:
> requirements and wishes
> identity and personality
> color session
> inventory of existing floor plans


2. Design

In the design phase, the following components are discussed:
> mood board
> layout
> color plan
> light plan > 2D visualization
> 3D visualization


3. Additional services

At the request of the customer, we provide the following:
> architectural drawings, existing and new situation
> selection of furniture and light fixtures
> telephone advice
> advice on location


4. Execution

Muurbloem assists with the execution of the design:
> drawing up a purchase list/work description
> project management
> construction supervision




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There are many reasons to renovate your house, whether it concerns more living enjoyment, sustainability or overdue maintenance. In the end, it's all about what it will cost and what it will deliver. At Muurbloem we realize everyone's dreams, but we also stand with two feet on the ground. We provide advice based on hard facts and realistic figures. By means of a quick scan of local policy and a draft estimate, we quickly provide insight into which interventions are feasible.



Partner: Walton Makelaars


In the field of valuation before and after renovation, we work together with Walton Makelaars from Utrecht. Owner John Nijenhuis and his daughter Nancy are passionate service providers in the field of real estate. They have a down-to-earth approach that fits with Muurbloem's efficient no-nonsense approach.