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Synergy School: primary school 

Client: Achitect Hans Coppen.

Location: Roermond, the Netherlands.

Job description: Wall design for 4 units on four floors.

Surface: approx. 210 m2

Year: 2016

Designed for this client:

Wall design: Special uniq design, material fleece non woven



The achitect Hans Coppen ask Muurbloem create a design that fully meets its imaginative decor for the new Synergy School in Roermond. On each floor is a "unit" built, a small buiding where the toilets and pantry are located and arranged a reading area on the roof. Each floor is for a different age of pupil and there for a different identity. The theme for Group1 and 2: Earth, Group 3 and 4: Water, Group 5 and 6: Fire and Group 7 and 6: Air. Every theme fits the experience of the development of the child. 

Proceedings / Activities

Old school illustrations were collected by theme and matching images. These images. these images are digitized and brought together into a new image. The composition is adapted to the design of the untits. Each unit has its own identity that stands in the space like a statue. These designs are on high end quality non woven fleece printed. 


The team Muurbloem designed this project in close consultation with the client and executed on the site. From beginning to end Muurbloem can monitor quality.