Muurbloem Logo
Muurbloem Logo


Client: Simplefly.

Location: Utrecht, the Netherlands.

Job description: interior advice and carpet design.

Surface: appox. 100 m2.

Year: 2015.


Designed for this client:

Carpet: Special design carpet, produced by 'ege carpets'.



We made a moodboard with the client. Muurbloem has created the identity of the company visually in the Interior. The design proposals are within a budget. Beside an interior design Muurbloem made a color and a lighting plan.


Proceedings / Activities

For the floor, we've designed a unique floor coverings. Of the two colors, which are used in the logo of Simplefly, we have a watercolor created on the map of this floorplan. After digitalising this design it is printed on high-quality project floorcovering.



Muubloem realizes the project in continuous dialogue with the client and coordinates interior design and remodeling.