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Interxion Headquarters BV

Co-creation: Ideal Projects BV   Idealprojects 


Client: Interxion BV

Location: Hoofddorp

Mission Description: Interior design

Number of m2: 6000 m2

Year: 2018 

Photography: Luuk Huiskens 


Designed especially for this project: 

Lighting :Tube, 3 pieces in entrance

Floor: Special design with a dark center core with a gradient to gray, produced by egecarpets

Visuals: Floral patterns, fullcolor printed on textile wich is stretched in an aluminum frame

Wooden core foil: Dot pattern in color on the wooden wall

Window foil: Special design for the glass walls in 2 layers

Signage: Brass strip and powder coated black aluminum 



This special design is a co-creation of Muurbloem design studio and Ideal Projects. The new interior for Interxion is a contemporary tailor-made suit that will make the company and employees more effective and enjoyable to work together in the coming years. By first creating an intensive 'Corporate identity screen', we arrive at the core (DNA) of the company. From this we filtered the look and feel of the company, on which we based the interior.


The elliptical building with 7 floors accommodates the various departments of Interxion.

About 6000m2, are tight 7 months transformed into multifunctional working environments in which the identity of this 'global operating' company is keenly felt in the entire look and feel of the interior.

The values of this high-tech company, including teamwork, courage, service and connection, are translated here to the human dimension in this architecture.


The goal was to create a dynamic open office environment that stimulates contact and information exchange. By combining various functions such as: concentration spots, scrum spaces and informal meeting points with a partial open-plan workstation concept, a complete range of optional work environments was created.

Each floor has a central core with dark gray-brown walls, carpet, specially designed for this purpose, is at the core of deepening a specific color and fan out as a gradient to shades of gray at the facade increasing.


With Ege Carpets, Muurbloem Design Studio designed a gradient floor cover especially for this location. By mixing colors with each other, we want to show the essential value 'connection'. 

The dynamic workspaces versus concentration spots. The wooden walls that stand on the dark floor seem to suck up the color.

The ground floor is the anchor of the company by the hospitable reception and the inviting lunch room. The Interxion employees meet and unite here.