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Education Inspectorate

Inspectie van het Onderwijs


Client: Education Inspectorate. Ministry of education, culture and science.

Location: Vleuten, the Netherlands.

Job description: recognizability indicating three different departments.

Surface: appox. 4000 m2.

Year: 2008 to 2016.


Designed for this client:

Carpet: Special design carpet, produced by 'ege carpets'.

Wall: Special design dessins realized in divers techniques.

Acoustic panels: full-color print 100 x 200 cm, 28 pieces.


The headquarters of the Education Inspectorate in Vleuten is housed in a building that consists of three different types of architecture. Therefor the internal routing is not perceived as logical and clear. Muurbloem has in recent years given these three different buildings their own identity so the recognition is enhanced and improved user friendly and visually.


Proceedings / Activities

As from 2008 Muurbloem has been asked to provide the various buildings of its own identity through its own colour palette and images in the form of a pattern.


In the A section images are arranged on the walls of the conveying spaces. These have a surface with taupe plant design.


Section B will be converted into 100% flexible employment department. The layout is adjusted and walls are removed. In consultation with the facilities department a cost-saving plan is devised. This division consists of a cream-colored décor with colorful surfaces on walls and floors. The colour patches are compositions of rectangular surfaces and structures. The walls are made of masonry paint, the same compositions are processed as carpet by ‘ege carpets’.  


Section C is the most contemporary architecture. Here is a lot of glass and a sleek design. Here Muurbloem in collaboration with the interior architect Rene Mensink, designed wallpaintings applied in the form of circles which are placed one above the other.


In 2016 Muurbloem placed, in all three departments, acoustic panels to enhance acoustic comfort. These panels feature high-quality acoustic foam and finished with a full-colour printed cloth. The visual on the canvas again has a relationship with the idiom located in the department.



Muurbloem has long been "one of the family" at the headquarters because Muurbloem knows how to make the right twist that makes an interior surprising and exciting. Muurbloem thinks along in solutions, sometimes practical sometimes cost effective. She inspires her client with extravagant designs. The final design will be realized must be unique to the client’s needs and expectations.


Muurbloem works with various suppliers and trade expert to realize projects. The projects are very diverse inspiring more interests. Muurbloem works from a small design team, which provides personal contact and put the right partners and experts on each project. This flexible approach and the combined knowledge and experience, guaranteeing the highest quality.