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Hotel @ home Antwerpen


Client: Hotelbox venuez 16.

Location: Antwerpen, Belgium.

Job descripTion: design hotelroom.

Surface: 55m2.

year: 2015.


In coöperation with: Servicecenter 4 Hospitality.


Designed for this client:

Art direction: interior design with partners.

Carpet: special design, 'Blue Jeans Plated'.

Walls: Folds & Pleats.

Lighting: Tube, Ø12 x 150 cm, led 7 Watt, Petrol, 2 pieces.

What & Proceedings / Activities

Hotel@Home is a group of partners who organize together playful presentations and events to inspire the  ‘Hospitality’ scene.



The Hotelbox is realized in cooperation with the following partners:

Auping; beds, Gira; electronics, Gerberit; sanitair, Delta Lights; lighting, Blycolin; bedding, Muurbloem; art direction, flooring, wallcovering and lighting chandeliers.


All the partners present their latest products and are building a unique pop-up hotel room. All special novelties come here together in one room. Muurbloem is tasked as Art direction to achieve unity so that the whole is more content than the sum of its parts.