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Client: CC Real Estate Investments

Location: Kruisweg 609, 2132 NA Hoofddorp (NL). 

Job description: custom designed soft furnishings for 150 rooms and lobby


Floor area: ca. 5500 m2


Opening hotel: June 2021


Photography: JRimageworks, Michiel Ton


Hallway of The FLorian Hotel with carpet by Muurbloem

From boring office building to spectacular design hotel


What a fantastic project! The recently completed Hotel The Florian in Hoofddorp is a textbook example of a contemporary design hotel. Architectural firm Workshop of Wonders asked Muurbloem design studio to design iconic elements for a meaningful hotel experience.


Special designs for this project:


  • Rugs and headboards with prints from 'Floorfashion by Muurbloem', Ege Carpets
  • Curtains: blackout, voile (special design) and in-between shower curtains


  • Wallpaper on three floors on the inside of the core, same design as curtain
  • Floor covering (special design) on three floors in three matching colours


  • Four large hexagonal rugs (special design)
  • Botanical Print Floor Covering
  • Delivery of four large round rugs, deep pile
  • Two room dividing voile curtains


The Muurbloem design team was responsible for the design, production and assembly of the parts mentioned below, with the exception of the headboards (design only).



For the designs of The Florian we were inspired by the vision of Workshop of Wonders; a design hotel for the global millennial. With a mix of colorful patterns and subtle references to the Amsterdam School, the interior offers a stimulating yet stylish environment where informal encounters can arise. By taking branding and identity into account, we develop unique upholstery and interior products for business and hospitality. We also keep abreast of the latest developments in the field of sustainability, without losing sight of (fire) safety and easy maintenance.


Want to know more about our special designs? Visit our studio for a cup of coffee or let us show you around Hotel The Florian!