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Client: Chu Exploitatie B.V.

Location: Vondelstraat 44, 1054 GE Amsterdam (NL).

Assignment: redecoration of interior, 35 hotel rooms and lobby.


Floor area: ± 900 m2.

Order date: October 2019.

Start renovation: Januari 2020.

Completion: March 2020.


Photography: Luuk Huiskes / Sam Chan  /  Muurbloem design studio






A fantastic interior design within time and budget, without closing down


Hotel Alexander is a charming boutique hotel in the centre of Amsterdam with 35 rooms divided between two distinctive merchant’s houses designed by the famous Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers (designer of the Rijksmuseum).


As a team we took care of the following:

  • A new hotel interior completed in six weeks time (start construction to completion).
  • Concept development, design, calculation and execution of the project.
  • Execution of the works per floor — the hotel remained operational during the renovation.
  • Financial management — the owner was unburdened and could focus on what he does best: hospitality. Meanwhile the project stayed 20% under budget.


Within three months we transformed this traditional hotel in the centre of Amsterdam into a boutique hotel with distinctive character!


Special designs for this project:

Floor: in the lobby, carpet special design inspired by patterns of the neo-gothic movement.

Upholstery: in the rooms, a special design for the voile curtains.

Walls: in the rooms, a special design visual inspired by the work and life of Pierre Cuypers (architect of the Rijksmuseum). In the lobby, a special design visual. A new color plan for all spaces.

Lighting: a new lighting plan with light fixtures of different brands.

Exterior: new logo design. Special designed signage on the facade and in the entrance.