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VPRO Zomergasten 2017
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VPRO Zomergasten 2017


For nearly thirty years, the decor of the progam Zomergasten undergoes many metamorphoses. This year, Muurbloem design studio send their design to join the decor-pitch 2017. Zomergasten is the program where the interviews and stories of the quests are in the spotlight, that's why Muurbloem focusses on the autobiographic aspect. In other words, the creation of a pop-up book which shows the story of our quests. The quest creat his/her favourite television night and gives the people a glimpse into their lives, interests and thoughts. The decor is literally an enlarged page form the pop-up studio appers in scale model and turns into the real studio. People who are sitting in their own living room, feel that they really could have a look in the lives of their quests.



Watch our introduction movie!


Art direction: Gonnette Smits

Assistence: Iris Bennink and Rachel van Strij de Regt

Camera and video editing: Luim Film, T. Zijlsta

© 2017


"The Camper" is the winning design form Neal Groot and Koen Steger.

Muurbloem congratulates them and wish them good luck with the preparations!