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Thonet - fair 'Interior' Kortrijk
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Thonet - fair 'Interior' Kortrijk

Thonet - fair 'Interior' Kortrijk


Client: Thonet.

Location: Fairbuilding, 'Interior' Kortrijk, Belgium.

Job description: booth design.

Surface: 48m2.

Year: 2012


Designed for this client:

Carpet: special design, fleece non woven, for this location.

Walls: design 'Wallfasion' by Muurbloem 'Shifted' in adjusted colouring.

Lighting: Dot Show Special design, Chandelier of Beads.


The German furniture brand ‘Thonet’ commissioned Muurbloem to design their booth for the furniturefair ‘Interior’ Kortrijk (Belgium) with own products and designs.


Proceedings / Activities

The hardwearing furniture’s of Thonet is often exhibited in a museum like fasion. Muurbloem chooses a moor homely and user-friendly environment which makes the booth more practical for direct touchable involvement with the visitors.



Muurbloem received a wish list of Thonet including furniture’s they would like to exhibit. With this, Muurbloem made a design concept and consulted this with Thonet headquarters. Muurbloem designed and ealized the booth including the interior and lighting.