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Folds & Pleats:

The collection has a huge external diversity. From soft and modest to extraordinary and challenging , which makes it suitable to many interiors.The Folds & Pleats collection adds an extra dimension to 2 dimensional walls and has a relation to fashion design.


As Clothing is a cover for the body, Folds & Pleats could be the new ‘prêt-à-porter’ for the wall. 


Flowers + Leaves:

Our new collection was set out to bring humans closer to nature. Witch is exactly the reason that Muurbloem with Flowers + Leaves has brought the nature back inside, so that we can bring the feeling of being one with nature. 


Curves & Stripes

The inspiration for this extraordinary collection “Curves & Stripes” has its origin in the studies on the subject of hair. Hair that is made out of soft flowing and wavy lines.




The idea of creating a collection around the ‘senses ©’ theme arose from Muurbloem’s desire to link architecture to the human body, through the use of wallpaper. Muurbloem explored the five human senses: Look, Feeling, Sound, Smell and Taste. The designs are combinations of various materials and structures, each chosen for its specific and tangible character. The designs are sure to capture your attention, simply by triggering your senses.



The “Dots” in the Muurbloem wallpaper collection form an inspiring theme. Dots as in points, balls, circles, pins and rings are used to form beautiful compositions. These dots are the tools to experiment with repetition, motion, scale and overlapping. Muurbloem and colleague designers explored the theme and show that different atmospheres can be created and formed into abstract to figurative compositions. This collection gives the interior a new rhythm and expression.