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FLOWER, first flower


design: first flower light grey


 Product code: Dots_First_Flower_lGY

design by Muurbloem designstudio


scale  1 : 1

based on a wall of three meters high

Muurbloem will fit the wallpaper design, to the size of your wall


full-color print on high-end architectural wallcovering: 

architectural vinyl wallcovering (One piece, from floor to ceiling) (1
fleece architectural wall covering (in jobs) (2
full-color printing on fabrics for curtains and acoustic panels (3


specifications: under "specification" you can find all the information and explanations for the installation
price: price depends on number of m².







wallpaper collection Dots


The “Dots” in the Muurbloem wallpaper collection form an inspiring theme. Dots as in points, balls, circles,

pins and rings are used to form beautiful compositions. These dots are the tools to experiment with repetition, motion, scale and overlapping. Muurbloem and colleague designers explored the theme and show that different atmospheres can be created and formed into abstract to figurative compositions. This collection gives the interior a new rhythm and expression.

Muurbloem design studio


For centuries wallcovering has been the face of walls themselfs, faces that tell our lifesyle, needs and aspirations. This rich history makes wallcovering a intresting and inspiring subject. The designs are often large in size, this is done on purpose to make a relation between the design and the achitecture. This to give the experience to be surrounded by the design and making you feel a part of the wallcovering itself.


Muurbloem design studio regards the surfaces of walls as an intresting object, because the walls make the transition of achitecture and interior design. With Muurbloem’s original designs you create your own atmosphere for each space.


The singularity about these collections are the panoramic designs with horizontal repetitions. Each design fills the total hight and repeats in the horizontal directions, this giving the impressions that the walls are endlessly long.