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Texture for your CAD 2D/3D visual*

Muurbloem wallpaper collection BOBIJN design Cousin Ingrid pattern view


* Due to the nature of digital printing, the colours are dependent on the carrier and the type of printer. The pattern view shown above serves as an indication. References should always be made using physical samples. No rights can be derived from this pattern view.

BOBIJN - Cousin Ingrid


Full-colour print on high-end architectural wallcovering

Design by Muurbloem design studio


The illustrated design is based on a wall of 3 meters high.

Muurbloem adjusts the design to the size of your wall  free of charge.

Optional: all designs can be converted to other colors (see price list)


Color suggestion for window frames and/or other walls for inspiration: NCS 5040-G30Y.


All designs are available in different high-end project qualities.





We can tell you everything about sustainable circular wallpaper. Call us on telephone number +31302714014 for more information!


Our designs are also available as curtain and upholstery fabrics in various qualities, as well as acoustic panels.



The Bobijn Collection


The creation of a wallpaper collection is a meticulous and lengthy process. Many working hours precede it in which we design, weigh, compare, update and replace the wallpaper designs.

This collection contains twenty unique designs that all have the same starting point, but which still differ from each other, so that they can be used in different interiors. The subject of BOBIJN are hand-woven fabrics that we have combined in various ways to create exciting designs.


"The hand-woven rugs were made by my aunt Tini Peels," explains creative director Gonnette Smits. "She was a hand weaver and sold her works in her gallery BOBIJN. With the design team, we have had the desire to capture the true nature - call it the soul - of these handwoven fabrics in the wallpaper designs of this collection. In my large family, the need for creation is woven into our DNA. As a tribute to my aunt and family, we named all twenty designs after my sisters, nephews and nieces. In this way, the collection is further permeated by the spirit of Aunt Tini and her handiwork."


The result is a wallpaper collection with a warm, soft and natural look that will increase the comfort of our space. Wherever we are - at home or at work - we all need a place for 'cocooning' and concentration. BOBIJN evokes an earthy, elementary atmosphere that ensures peace and balance in the interior.


Wallcovering by Muurbloem design studio


For centuries wallpaper has been the face of walls, faces that tell us about our lifestyle, needs and knowledge. This rich history makes wallpaper a very interesting and inspiring topic. The designs are often large in size. They do this on purpose to establish a relationship with the architecture. This gives you the experience of being surrounded by the design, you get the feeling that you are part of the wallpaper.


Muurbloem design studio considers the wall surface to be an interesting subject, because it is the transition of the architecture into the interior. With Muurbloem's original designs you create your own atmosphere for a room. The uniqueness of these collections lies in the panoramic designs with horizontal repeats. Each design fills the entire height of the wall and repeats in a horizontal direction, making the walls appear to be infinitely long.