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Tropical Domain

Tropical Domain


 Product code: BG_TropicalDomain_PK

design by Muurbloem designstudio


scale  1 : 1

based on a wall of three meters high

Muurbloem will fit the wallpaper design, to the size of your wall


full-color print on high-end architectural wallcovering: 

architectural vinyl wallcovering (One piece, from floor to ceiling) (1
fleece architectural wall covering (in jobs) (2
full-color printing on fabrics for curtains and acoustic panels (3


specifications: under "specification" you can find all the information and explanations for the installation
price: depends on number of m².







Botanic Garden Collection 

Every individual design in this collection of twelve designs has been created by using multiple layers of various elements of plants and textures. Because of this layering, leaves disappear into the background while other plants will be exposed to the front. Colours and texture become clear and fresh as well as faded, created by this overlapping. As nature adapts seamlessly to it's environment, the designs could have a major impact on space, giving the entire interior a valuable meaning in connecting the interior with nature. 


Designers Concept

Nature presents itself to us in an continuously changing appearance. It is precisely the disappearance and appearance of the forms in nature that has inspired the designers team. A lot of fieldwork has been done during the design process to come up with this collection;photographs have been  selected and edited to make them suitable for a new composition. Nature becomes a 'view of the creative landscape’, frozen in time.