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The making of… a wallpaper collection.


Our studio sees the birth of many designs, which are often one-off objects, made specifically for our interior projects. Curating a wallpaper collection, however, is a completely different activity. Initially, a vision is formed based on a storyboard or mood board. Who are we making this collection for? What do we want to tell them? And how do we put this in a visual and haptic experience? Answering these questions is a constant process, making the first design phase something of a quest. We are creating something that doesn't exist yet and to better understand what we're looking for, we closely study our visual research and experiments. We assess the sketch designs from a collective vision that arises through the design. Over the past few weeks, our designer Julia Hurks has been experimenting with new textures of fabric, shaping them into digital compositions. This sketch phase takes a lot of time but is essential to understand the message of the matter.


After this design phase, the final phase follows, where we make a selection from all sketch designs. This phase of compiling a collection is like cooking a meal. In this phase a menu is composed of different flavors, colors and compositions. All separate designs together must complement each other to create a coherent story. By viewing the collection as a whole, you learn to better understand each design.



Geschreven door Gonnette Smits, Creative Director