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Wallcovering collection Bobijn.


The coarsely woven yarn of Aunt Tini's rugs stare at me from where they hang in our studio. They look just like sheep skins. Very honest and primal. This must become a wallpaper collection! As a designer, I like to increase the tactile value of walls and these textures are a perfect way to achieve this. We build a photo studio and photograph all the rugs upclose and from afar. Wouldn’t it be to present Aunt Tini's work full-scale on the wall? The collection will be called Bobijn, as a tribute to Aunt Tini's gallery and hand weaving mill of the same name. 


Lidewij Edelkoord's webinar on animism contributed to my conviction that we have a collective memory and that a range of designers are currently working with this theme. Aunt Tini's hand-woven rugs are made with so much love, attention and craftsmanship — with such a sense of natural resources — that their appearance reveals something. Whether this "something" is a soul that Aunt Tini has put into it may well be. In any case, I recognised many of these elements in Lidewij Edelkoort presents Animism. These clothes command respect and have asked me to give them a new expression. 


To be continued… 



Geschreven door Gonnette Smits, Creative Director