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The Power of Beauty

Draaiweg 51

3515 EJ Utrecht

The Netherlands


You are welcome by appointment.


 Contact details 


Company:                                     The Power of Beauty

Telephone:                                  +31 (0)30 27 14 014



General manager:                     Bart van de Kerkhof 

Mobile:                                   +31 (0)6 13 35 68 63


LinkedIn:                                   Bart van de Kerkhof


 Creative director:                              Gonnette Smits

Mobile:                                   +31 (0)6 24 22 19 95


LinkedIn:                                         Gonnette Smits

About The Power of Beauty


The Power of Beauty is a new interior design label inducted by Muurbloem design studio. This collection contains attractive and high-quality interior products.


The need for beauty lies in the genes of every human being. We want to make ‘The Power of Beauty’ visible in interior, like a real eye-catcher.


Is our ‘home’ not the most important place? You feel safe and comfortable in your home and your personality. We hope to provide inspiration for you!




The Power of Beauty.